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With production sites in 18 countries worldwide, Helios is part of Global Coatings Group and became a member of the Kansai Paint Group in 2017. They offer a wide range of coatings and solutions for various industries, professional users and end customers. They develop “smart coatings” and supply products to more than 50.000 customers in over 60 countries across the world.


Helios is a certified partner of the international automotive industry and holds a leading position in road marking systems in Europe. It is the world’s largest producer of core plate varnishes, one of the most important European producers of coatings for the railway industry and a leading company in the segment of decorative coatings in Central-Eastern European markets.


Through the Kansai – Eguchi Iwao – International Applications partnership, Helios is now involved in major projects in the U.K. for industrial, train and marine coatings. Their innovative paint mixing system provides a perfect colour match and long lasting results.

Producing the highest quality finish while saving time, money, and the environment


eSpray is a unique, patented technology that produces an electrostatic attraction between the air/material mix and the substrate that is revolutionizing compressed air spray painting. eSpray virtually eliminates overspray, increasing transfer efficiency by over 50%. The result is more material on the substrate, greater productivity, less material wasted as overspray resulting in material cost savings averaging 30%.


eSpray – electrostatic spray, improves the quality and durability of the finish, lowers costs, increases productivity, and reduces hazardous emissions. eSpray’s patented process removes all oxygen, moisture, and particulates from the compressed air then ionize the residual gas and paint/material mixture, positively charging the combination. The now positively charged mixture is attracted to the negatively charged target substrate. The result is a uniform, consistent spray pattern that is electrostatically attracted to the substrate with virtually no overspray. Haydell Industries also offers products and services related to the installation of eSpray – from paint booths, spray guns, protective gear and signage to consulting services for efficient design/upgrade and management of existing facilities.


Kovax is a producer and supplier of innovative and time saving quality abrasives and the leading manufacturer of Japanese coated abrasives since 1930.


Their rigid quality control and well-organized manufacturing facilities, and advanced technical knowledge ensure top quality and innovative abrasive products for Automotive, Wood-working, and many more industrial uses.


The European market is served from their head office, Kovax Europe B.V., in The Netherlands, while the products are produced in Japan for more than 85 years. This enormous amount of knowledge in combination with one the most modern factories worldwide enables them to deliver products, that save time and never fail to amaze. Since its foundation, Kovax has become the undisputed number 1 abrasive brand in Asia. In Europe, a yearly growth up to 20% in a complicated, conservative and highly competitive market is just yet another proof of the unique and unrivalled Japanese quality.


Thanks to years of research and development, Kovax products are not only implemented in the Automotive Industry, but also found their way to the Wood, OEM and Yacht Industry.


The company was established in 1957, in Italy and it started from the idea of developing innovative products for repairing and refinishing in the body shops. The products were immediately appreciated for their high quality and in the following years, the Company continues its development, penetrating the medium high market and other branches such as the industrial and nautical ones.


After years of research in nanotechnologies, the Virtus brand was developed in order to achieve polishing with no holograms, while guaranteeing the final result and the respect for the environment.


Allchem produces either its own brand Virtus or private labels for very important international brands, ensuring an accurate technical and operative assistance. It also has the exclusive patent of Skeletime, and innovative and exclusive technology to reduce the sanding from 30% to 80%, meaning it increases the quality of a process where the only alternative was the hand finishing. Skeletime reaches, without difficulty, both on flat and curved surfaces, making the sanding uniform and even for the most complex shapes.

With its flexibility, it can reach every point, effectively eliminating defects such as carryovers and depressions. It is also suitable for recreating or preserving the edges of the shapes.


Gekatex and its subsidiaries develop, manufacture and distribute technical wiping and polishing solutions for Automotive OEM, Aeronautic, Electronics, Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries. With 35 years of experience in the business of technical wiping, clean room wiping and polishing their solutions are recognized by many OEM manufacturers in their paint shops, clean rooms and assembly lines. They have a global presence with 3 factories: France, India and China that are ISO 9001 certified and delivery centres in Mexico for North America. Gekatex invests around 2.5% of their turnover in R&D to develop solutions and innovations that bring value to customers. The company serves more than 100 factories in the world through direct sales or distributors in more than 40 countries. Gekatex specialty products include buffing and foam pads, tack rags, robot covers, sealant and wet wiping.

Known for premium hand-protection products, Warrior offers a comprehensive range of heavy duty and task specific gloves including; grip gloves, rigger gloves, nitrile gloves, leather gloves, drivers gloves, re-inforced palm rigger gloves, TIG gloves, Kevlar grip gloves, dipped gloves and yellow criss-cross gloves.